The mission as a manager is to create a world class product by a deep understanding of strategic planning , key performance indicators and the brilliant deadline . The innovative and efficient acting of e-commerce to manage all future tasks is to focus on new agile methods , digitalization and shorter product cycles . His playground as an entertainment expert and IT enthusiast is to work face to face with his customers and business partners . The pulse of his work are music , movies , media , electronic , entertainment , IT , photo and  camera technologies , video games and virtual reality . He was born and raised in Thuringia , Germany in 1981 . As long as he can remember , his world revolves around music , film and future topics . Due his 8 year older brother , he came into contact with the artery of making music very early . In addition to Mathias Kanka‘ s music also the artwork , design , filming and video cut bear his signature . Since 2013 the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Hamburg “ The Gateway to the World “ is his home . Another gateway to the world , as he says , is Hollywood . And this one he still has to be pass through . Hollywood is the gate to the world , so let me walk through and being heard . “ One thing is pretty certain , he will reach the peoples hearts and conquer the world in his very own personal way .   ©2022 Mathias Kanka / Frontal Conquest
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M A T H I A S   K A N K A F  R  O  N  T  A  L     C  O  N  Q  U  E  S  T
A L S O   K N O W N   A S