INSIGHTS & STORY I want to awake emotions of the audience , some kind of emotions they may not even know by themselves . In addition ,  there is a kind of understanding at the same time , a feeling of being not alone in a mood . Questions appear like … „ somehow I know that ... " , " that's how I am ... " , " I feel the same way ... " , " how does he know ? ... " . The band name Frontal Conquest already dictates it in the first word : The music never distracts from any topic and does not invite you to relax . The opulent soundscapes flow like rippling waves directly towards you with an immense force . The intensity of the music is a reflection of the contrasting facial expressions and gestures of the people I encountered every day . All opposites , what matters in life or not . Timelessness is the most beautiful thing that music offers and Frontal Conquest is ... timeless . Even without pictures , the music creates a movie in itself . The class and success of it mainly depends on one important component : the film music , the score itself . My vision is undoubtedly , to write the music for huge Hollywood blockbusters . THE BAND NAME Frontal Conquest is like … an architect for structure , like a designer for sound , like a poet for atmosphere , like a director without pictures . There`s not just music , rather a kind of film created by it . A new weave arises of innumerable things which only comes to life through my heart , like a keycode , DNA . My music is not intended to be comfortable or easy listening , it`s more a pure overrun , exactly what the band name stands for : a frontal conquest . THE MUSIC The music of Frontal Conquest is a mixture of enourmous life experience and so much different feelings . I love to play piano , keyboards , synthesizers and all kind of stuff with keys after an intense stage of acoustic guitar . To create my … let me say … unique sound … tons of own live recordings by playing instruments , own uncountable sound files recorded at places everywhere I walk and everything I get in my fingers are used . Nearly everything even though my artistic soundscapes comes truely direct from the heart. The source of ideas for my music is like flashs through my body in spontaneous moments . My music is the soundtrack / score of my own life . I unite and was inspired by many styles from EBM , industrial , electro , score , indie , minimal to dark wave . VIDEOS & ARTWORK I want to have the overall concept in absolut harmony . My videos and artwork have to suit quite perfect to my music . You have to check ‘ em ‘ out … just written words can`t describe it . Anyway it`s also a question of budget , time and possibilities … . So it´s nearly unimpossible to imagine how it would sound and look like … if I hadn`t to think about of any frontiers of this kind .
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